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Best Time To Visit Cabo Verde in 2024

Cabo Verde, an enchanting archipelago off the West African coast, offers a diverse blend of natural beauty and cultural richness. With its pleasant climate and vibrant festivals, the optimal travel period can greatly enhance your experience. This guide provides essential tips and insights for planning your visit.

Optimal Travel Period

The ideal time to visit Cabo Verde is from November to June. During these months, the weather is cooler and less humid, which is perfect for exploring the islands and engaging in outdoor activities. The months of July to October are warmer and may experience occasional tropical showers, which could still be enjoyable depending on your preferences​ Tripsteer Wanderlust Chloe​.

Top Places to Visit

  1. Praia: As the capital city on Santiago Island, Praia is not only the political but also the cultural hub of Cabo Verde, known for its historical architecture and vibrant marketplaces​ Travopo​.
  2. Sal Island: Renowned for its stunning beaches and water sports.
  3. Boa Vista: Known for its spectacular landscapes and whale watching opportunities during the peak season from February to April​ Made For Travellers.
  4. São Vicente: Celebrated for its cultural scene, particularly the Mindelo area which is known for its Carnival and music festivals​ Tripsteer​.
  5. Santo Antão: Perfect for hiking enthusiasts, offering rugged landscapes and verdant valleys​ Tripsteer​.

Cultural Highlights

Cabo Verde is vibrant with cultural festivals, especially the Carnival in Mindelo, São Vicente, which is a must-see event held annually in February or March. This festival showcases the rich cultural traditions of the islands through music, dance, and colorful parades​ Tripsteer​.

Travel Tips

  • Accommodations: It’s advisable to book your stay in advance, especially during the high season (November to June). Options range from luxury resorts to local guesthouses and homestays which offer a more immersive cultural experience​ Travelgram Wanderlust Travel Blog​.
  • Cuisine: Cabo Verdean cuisine is a delicious blend of African, Portuguese, and Brazilian influences. Be sure to try Cachupa, the national dish, among other local specialties​ Travelgram Wanderlust Travel Blog.
  • Transportation: Travel between islands is typically via flights or ferries. On the islands, taxis and minibuses are commonly used for shorter distances​ Tripsteer​.


Visiting Cabo Verde during the cooler, dry season allows you to enjoy both the natural beauty and the vibrant culture of the islands comfortably. Whether you’re seeking relaxation on pristine beaches, adventurous hiking, or cultural immersion, Cabo Verde offers an array of experiences suitable for every type of traveler. For more detailed travel planning, exploring dedicated travel websites can provide additional valuable insights.

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