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Best Time To Visit Belize in 2024

Visiting Belize offers a unique blend of natural beauty and cultural richness, with 2024 promising optimal conditions for travelers. Whether you’re interested in exploring historical sites, indulging in local cuisine, or relaxing in breathtaking landscapes, timing your visit correctly can greatly enhance your experience. This guide will help you identify the best times to visit Belize in 2024 based on weather, tourist seasons, and local events.

Optimal Travel Periods

The best time to visit Belize for favorable weather and activities is during the dry season, which runs from January to May. This period typically offers clear, sunny days ideal for outdoor adventures like snorkeling, diving, and exploring Mayan ruins​​​ Audley Travel​. Key months within this season include:

  • January to March: This is the driest part of the year, perfect for visiting beaches and engaging in water sports. Accommodations and airfares can be higher due to the influx of visitors escaping colder climates​
  • April and May: The weather remains good but starts getting warmer and more humid. This time is also popular due to Easter celebrations, which can affect availability and prices, so early booking is advisable​ Audley Travel​​ Nomad Footsteps​.

Off-Peak Advantages

Traveling during the off-peak seasons can offer distinct advantages, such as lower prices and fewer tourists. Consider these periods:

  • June to November: Known as the rainy season, with sporadic showers mostly occurring in the afternoon. Early in the season (June to early August), the weather can still be pleasant, and this is a good time to enjoy lower prices and fewer crowds. The risk of hurricanes is lowest in early June, increasing towards November​ Belize.comAudley Travel​.
  • September to October: The lowest number of tourists due to hurricane concerns, which means even lower prices and more tranquil experiences at popular sites. However, be prepared for some rainy weather​ Nomad Footsteps).

Key Events and Festivals

  • Easter (April): A vibrant time to visit, featuring elaborate processions and celebrations​ Belize Travel Blog​.
  • Lobster Fest (June 15th): A festive period celebrating the opening of lobster season with lots of seafood and festivities​ Belize Travel Blog​.
  • Independence Day (September 21st): Accompanied by lively parades and cultural performances​ Nomad Footsteps​.
  • Chocolate Festival of Belize (End of May): Held in Punta Gorda, this festival celebrates chocolate with a week of events​ Nomad Footsteps.


When planning a trip to Belize in 2024, consider your preferences for weather, activities, and cultural experiences. The dry season offers the best overall conditions, but the off-peak months provide unique opportunities for budget-friendly travel and fewer crowds. No matter when you choose to visit, Belize offers a rich and diverse array of attractions to make any trip memorable.

For more detailed planning, consider visiting travel resources like or Audley Travel for updated information and travel tips.

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